Phone Schedule

Phone Schedule 2.4.0

Define a schedule for switching your phone function on/off

Schedule the phone on your Windows Mobile device to turn on and off! Benefits include:

  • Save the battery on your device by turning off your phone and Bluetooth at night
  • Save money by preventing your device connecting to the Internet at unwanted times (for example: sending and receiving email)
  • Stop unwanted calls in the middle of the night or during meetings

With its rich, intuitive interface Phone Schedule allows you to select from a number of options, including:

  • Turn your phone on and off at a scheduled time for each day of the week
  • Turn your phone off during Pocket Outlook calendar appointments (whether Free, Tentative, Busy or Out-of-Office)*. New in version 2.0!
  • Turn your phone off for a specified length of time or until a certain time is reached
  • Include Bluetooth in your schedule
  • Optional audio notifications when phone is turned on and off
  • Automatically PIN unlock your phone when it turns on
  • Program works behind the Windows Mobile password/PIN logon
  • One setting for all days allows for single-click configuration for an entire week
  • Easy to use interface

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Phone Schedule


Phone Schedule 2.4.0

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